Thursday, 20 September 2018

The times are a-changing!


Big changes underway at Galgael....

For more on these impactful happenings which swept through the ranks here since spring, read about it here,, and see also what needs you might be able to help with.
For now, for a wee while to come, woolcraft at Galgael is a colourful warm memory of the past, and a warm welcome wonder of more spacious times yet to come.
Meanwhile, 'though, it was time to rake through the perishable resources in the sail loft, sift out what needs using now and how, in some temporary home.

Lo and behold there appeared on the scene a contact with Govanhill Baths Comunity Trust, whose two current textile project are proud to house our beloved Dryad upright Rug loom, enticing their shop "From Rags to Riches" to sell the rag rugs produced at Galgael whilst their other newly expanding project, "The Cast Offs" is building capacity through volunteers learning how to expertly weave off the new warp on the Dryad into rag rugs.

The Springs are springing again

The latter would not have been possible without the spring experts in Ibrox, round the corner from Galgael, being right at hand to make the right spring replacements for the beater of the Dryad .
Huge thanks therefor to Stewart and all from the wonderful Industrial Springs factory, who came again and again across to Galgael's loft to ensure the right springs and fittings were put into place. As the trusty Dryad looms have become an antique object, and as replacements for these vital springs for the beater are nowhere to be found, apart from now in Glasgow, we will ensure that word about this goes round in the global weaver worlds!

The weaver's magic

All traditional crafts are truly magical, and we hand weavers think floor loom and  spinning wheels are particularily magic because one needs hand and feet to orderly create beauty and goodness out of the raw materials. Plus the processes of producing something can take a very long time.

See this wee video illustrating a small section or selection of the processes involved getting ready to get a rag ready. Catch also a glimpse here from the warp making with Laryna, and the journey with loom from Govan to Govahill the other week, where she will give the intro sessions for to train up a a couple of folks to care for and share the magic of working the rag loom. And thus for creating more sanity and joy in this world.
(which by the way reminds me: anyone got an electric spinning or plying wheel? The Casts Offs woukd need one to use up their yarn donations via rag weaving)

That day at Galgael we waved good bye for now to the trusty Dryad upright rag loom..

Good bye Dryad's lofty frame
at Galgael you gained fame
with many merry hands
weaving rags and bands

from Govan to Govanhill
you weave your way
being awaited there
may you now bring joy again

Like once upon a time as here

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Galgael Winter Fayre today

Renewing our Journey 

hello everyone, woolcraft at Galgael would like to invite you to reconnect with us and become part of our renewed journey.

  • Children and adults can try some needle felting from about 12noon.
  •  If you can come over this afternoon to 15 Fairley Street for a chat, we can share with you face to face our questions and journey.
And in any case come back here to this blog to hear us share with you where we are at. We need your help, your hivemind!

Monday, 23 November 2015

welcomes and intros to our blog

A very warm welcome to you, member or friend!

If you are looking for intros to us, you can find them at


Enjoy ! :-)
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This blog is presenting some of our activities from Woolcraft at Galgael. Enjoy also our albums showing some more of the many wool craft actions on .
And here is also the link to our youtube channel

Please, do leave comments, as the open comment function has been enabled now!

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Needle felt workshop at GalGael on Thu., 26. Nov. 4-5.30pm

In this needle felt workshop you’ll learn to create seasonal decoration or seasonal ornaments.  We will use colourful fluffy wool fibres and a barbed felt needle to work the fibres together into a solid shape. Then fine details can be added to make life-like re-creations of creatures or sculpted shapes e.g. a couple of tree hangers, a snowman, a fairy, a gnome, a Santa or a robin..... Or bring your own ideas.
The aim of this workshop is:
● to learn needle felting, or improve your needle felt skills,
● to experiment with colours and design,
● and to take home a unique piece of handmade felt.

At the end of the workshop you will have your own felted item and have learned or improved a new and traditional skill. No previous experience needed.
Cost: £5 including material. Please, feel free to invite friends!       

Workshop facilitator: Laryna E. Wuppermann, Fiber craft instructor
Please book asap, as places are limited!
Venue: 15 Fairley Street, Glasgow, G51 2SN
GalGael office: 0141/427 30 70, or let Helen know when you’re in Galgael
To find out more about felt making, please check out this blog:

Friday, 11 September 2015

Needle felt workshop at GalGael on Thursday 17th Sept. 2015; 4-5.30pm

Needle felted fruits and veg using plant dyed wool fibres
Get inspired by the colours of Indian Summer and get creative with colourful sheep's wool fibres. In this needle felt workshop you will learn how to make felted fruits or vegetables. Or you can use a pre-felt and needle felt a small picture.
Come along and join the felting fun at GalGael! Bring your kids with you, if you like and learn a new skill. (Children from 6 years, when accompanied by an adult are very welcome to join in.)
Time: 4-5.30pm
Costs: £5 per person incl. material.
No previous experience requested.
Please, feel free to invite friends!
Workshop facilitator: Laryna E. Wuppermann, Fiber craft artist
To secure your place, please book here.
Venue: GalGael, 15 Fairley Street, Glasgow/Ibrox, G51 2SN
To find out more about felt making, please check out this blog and website: and this blog:

Needle felted fruits and vegetables

Saturday, 5 July 2014

GalGael at the Royal Highland Show

Table loom and the white woolen hand spun warp on the ground in front of the GalGael sign

This June wood craft and wool craft at GalGael were sharing a stall at the Royal Highland Show in Ingliston/ Edinburgh.
The Galgael stall with wood craft and wool craft

Laryna making the warp for the rigid-heddle loom
Finished warp with rigid-heddle loom
Together with the wood crafters from Galgael, who demonstrated wood carving, Gillian and myself, Laryna were demonstrating all craft processes related to weaving and spinning. We even made a warp for the rigid-heddle table loom, warped the loom and started weaving a scarf with white Shetland/Teeswater hand spun plied wool. 

First 25 cm of the hand woven scarf

Gillian weaving the scarf

Inkle loom with a new cotton warp for a strap or a belt. A simple way to learn weaving. Visitors, children and adults had the great opportunity to weave at the inkle loom. 

The first couple of shots

Observing the spinning wheel spinning is always so calming and relaxing. We had many visitors small and large who took photos of us spinning at the spinning wheel. Those, who wished had a go at spinning the lovely soft sheep's wool. 

Gillian spinning at her New Zealand spinning wheel

Wool craft corner with wool craft tools
Laryna spinning at her Scottish spinning wheel

We saw many woolly friends at the Royal Highland Show
Another impressive woolly friend

Upright floor loom here with a rag rug

Last but not least the upright floor loom, where adult and children visitors could have a couple of shots with recycled straps from clothes and other fabrics. 
If you would like to find out more about weaving, spinning and felting at GalGael, please come along on a Thursday night or send us an email.