Friday, 28 March 2008

wool craft log 27 + 28/3/08

This week both Laryna and Anneruth did a bit of tidying up in the bothy, finding old treasures as well as stuff to throw out.

Thursday: see pics of the last weaving class in the second half of at Bellahouston nursery


Friday Sarah-Jane joined us (Anneruth, Flora, Laryna), - she had been here the week of the equinox festival with Heather and started to learn to spin. Today she took it up again with a blackface fleece at her disposal, and with Anneruth tutoring her.
Meanwhile Flora and Laryna tackled Hebridean #3: it is very hole-ly, and needs still more needlefelting and sewing up.
Sarah-Jane rolled sleeves up and wound the wool from the bobbins into a Ball.

For a few more pics: see the album Wool Craft people in Action

This album will now be updated continously with pictures from people who come to us and shows what they are up to :-)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

weaving the rainbow stage 2 27-3-08

Last session at the nursery, with everybody putting all they learned (colour sense and wool sense) into practise.

For wee details see "weaving the rainbow" vidoe clip and the Pegloom weaving weeks photo album

The pictures there on this site (click on links above) should explain it all really.

Just remember the photo album covers the two weeks, so you will have to scroll down for the pics of the last session.

Please add your comments and question under the pictures fi you like to know more :-)

It was great fun, hard work, and has inspired teachers and kids.
We will write mroe about but time is running out today, and we want you to have the pics at least to enjoy.
Meanwhile Laryna and Anneruth are still having to their write up for the nursery, and collect the evaluation form: and Laryna is still sewing the woven pieces into a greater piece.

Friday, 21 March 2008

wool craft log 21-3-08

Spring Equinox and Good Friday today
and Flora wrote

Hello all,

A very belated note of what we did at the Woolcraft group last Friday. Verene, Laryna and I were there and we worked on preparing the two Hebridean fleeces – sewing the gaps etc. Verene had to go home to get some sewing needles and I had not brought my needle felting bits and pieces so we thought perhaps we need to get some equipment which can be left in the bothy?

We had a lovely lunch with lots of children around, including Helen’s wee baby, and some music and song.

All the best


And I hear there was also Heather there.

Plus there was re-dedicating of values via cards Gehan had made with values written on them, whch people could pick, either as pot luck, or by carefully choosing them: respect, loyalty, were just two of many.

It was a very special Galgael day... I was very sorry to have had to miss it.


Friday, 14 March 2008

wool craft log 14-3-08

No wool craft group today as everybody was away with work elsewhere;
Anneruth witnessed Ian actaully missing the wool craft women! ;-)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

peg loom weaving stage one 10/3- + 11/3

Equipped with new looms made by the team last Friday, Monday the 10th of March Laryna and Anneruth went to introduce the teachers to pegloom basics: how to string new pegs and how to prepare the carded wool for the weft.

We also brought the weaving sticks - but had to agree with the teachers: the hands of four year olds are just too small to hold them...

On Tuesday then we were put to the test..
watch 3 small clips of the intro to the kids : introducing the wool from the sheep (good thing the nursery had just taught the kids about farm animals :-) and they had made sheep pictures), introducing the loom, and introducing the weaving .

This first session the task was to be abe to draft a thick 'thread' from the carded batt and then get wound in and out round the pegs. Also a little colour was introduced to make it more exciting

and it was good that the teachers had learned fast the day before!
And here are the finished pieces:

We had to do finishing off, though, because the teachers were too busy.
We will have to put that
in our production of the guidance document for the teachers.

Friday, 7 March 2008

wool craft log 7-3-08

Flora (off to Edinburgh) and Anneruth (ill) sent apologies.

Anna wrote:

Hi Everyone,

So just a wee summary of today. There was Laryna and Verene and me. We helped get the peg looms ready for the nursery. We prepared some wool for carding. We had some soup which was quite spicy but for me, not too spicy. We chatted. I learned how to do peg loom weaving and really liked it. I left earlier than the other two,

Laryna Verene and me can't come next week. The week after Galgael is closed for Good Friday. So next time for us is 28th March.

Hope you are feeing better Anneruth.



Thursday, 6 March 2008

2nd rainbow session at nursery: 6-3-08

This time Laryna introduced the children to exploring the meeting of red and yellow, and some of them got to have a go at the full rainbow.
We have no pictures of today, 'though, as Anneruth was not there with the camera.

It was evident that the teachers and the children are very much enjoying the wet in wet painting and they had been exploring the technique in the meantime.

Laryna and Anneruth completed their guiding document for the wet in wet painting actvity with small kids. Wool craft group members can see this document under the uploaded files there.

Also - some very small video clips have been published of the teaching sessions.
see teaching the teachers painting wet in wet for the very first session with the teachers
and painting the rainbow for the first session with the kids and the wee song Laryna made up for them.