Thursday, 6 March 2008

2nd rainbow session at nursery: 6-3-08

This time Laryna introduced the children to exploring the meeting of red and yellow, and some of them got to have a go at the full rainbow.
We have no pictures of today, 'though, as Anneruth was not there with the camera.

It was evident that the teachers and the children are very much enjoying the wet in wet painting and they had been exploring the technique in the meantime.

Laryna and Anneruth completed their guiding document for the wet in wet painting actvity with small kids. Wool craft group members can see this document under the uploaded files there.

Also - some very small video clips have been published of the teaching sessions.
see teaching the teachers painting wet in wet for the very first session with the teachers
and painting the rainbow for the first session with the kids and the wee song Laryna made up for them.

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