Tuesday, 11 March 2008

peg loom weaving stage one 10/3- + 11/3

Equipped with new looms made by the team last Friday, Monday the 10th of March Laryna and Anneruth went to introduce the teachers to pegloom basics: how to string new pegs and how to prepare the carded wool for the weft.

We also brought the weaving sticks - but had to agree with the teachers: the hands of four year olds are just too small to hold them...

On Tuesday then we were put to the test..
watch 3 small clips of the intro to the kids : introducing the wool from the sheep (good thing the nursery had just taught the kids about farm animals :-) and they had made sheep pictures), introducing the loom, and introducing the weaving .

This first session the task was to be abe to draft a thick 'thread' from the carded batt and then get wound in and out round the pegs. Also a little colour was introduced to make it more exciting

and it was good that the teachers had learned fast the day before!
And here are the finished pieces:

We had to do finishing off, though, because the teachers were too busy.
We will have to put that
in our production of the guidance document for the teachers.

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