Thursday, 27 March 2008

weaving the rainbow stage 2 27-3-08

Last session at the nursery, with everybody putting all they learned (colour sense and wool sense) into practise.

For wee details see "weaving the rainbow" vidoe clip and the Pegloom weaving weeks photo album

The pictures there on this site (click on links above) should explain it all really.

Just remember the photo album covers the two weeks, so you will have to scroll down for the pics of the last session.

Please add your comments and question under the pictures fi you like to know more :-)

It was great fun, hard work, and has inspired teachers and kids.
We will write mroe about but time is running out today, and we want you to have the pics at least to enjoy.
Meanwhile Laryna and Anneruth are still having to their write up for the nursery, and collect the evaluation form: and Laryna is still sewing the woven pieces into a greater piece.

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