Saturday, 21 May 2011

Come along for another Thursday eve with wet felting: 26th of May 2011 @5.30pm in Galgael

Jenny's felted spiral
Lets get creative with fluffy wool and felt something beautiful and hand crafted. 
For example this:

Laryna's felted spiral
 This is what you can make out of the felted spiral when you cut it in even slices:
Felted spiral necklace and earrings
Blue felted spiral necklace and earrings with felted sphere and wooden beads

Red/orange felted spiral necklace and studs

Or you can make a flat felted piece and make a brooch or a hairpiece out of it or .....There are many possibitities to create something beautiful.
 Felted blossom sewn on a clasp
Brooches out of a piece of flat felted fabric

Friday, 13 May 2011

Wet felting workshop on Thursday 19th of May 2011, 5.30 pm

Laryna facilitating a felt workshop with kids and their mums
Learn how to felt fluffy sheep's wool into a bead, a flower, a hair piece and more. Come along and have fun to learn something new. It's easy and could be done with kids as well!  
By donation. 

Monday, 9 May 2011

Blast from the past: our old 2008 google videos now on youtube

Back in 2008 we published a number of wee video clips on google:
Google Videos now are discontinued, and we have transferred them to youtube.
You might now find broken links somewhere in old posts here. If so - please report them to us, so we can corrcct them. Thank you
Up and running, literally!, are now the ones with Heather and Laryna singing whilst felting the Hebridean fleeces; and Alan Torrance teaching cross sword dance.

Laryna teaching in the nursery weaving and painting, are still available but only upon request in the context of  teaching to children.