Saturday, 21 May 2011

Come along for another Thursday eve with wet felting: 26th of May 2011 @5.30pm in Galgael

Jenny's felted spiral
Lets get creative with fluffy wool and felt something beautiful and hand crafted. 
For example this:

Laryna's felted spiral
 This is what you can make out of the felted spiral when you cut it in even slices:
Felted spiral necklace and earrings
Blue felted spiral necklace and earrings with felted sphere and wooden beads

Red/orange felted spiral necklace and studs

Or you can make a flat felted piece and make a brooch or a hairpiece out of it or .....There are many possibitities to create something beautiful.
 Felted blossom sewn on a clasp
Brooches out of a piece of flat felted fabric

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  1. So nice,Laryna! Both the way how you did the blog post and the beautiful felt pieces! You must show me please how to do these jewellery things! Kind of stowed out with fairy tale creatures over here ;-)