Wednesday, 20 October 2010

why when? aye see : Weaving the Clyde is done!

Slowly but surely, or actually fastly and vastly, the Weaving of the Clyde nears completion at last:
the last stages for the  "Weaving the Clyde" tapestry,
At long last:
The "Weaving the Clyde" Tapestry is nearing completion. on the 19th September it looked  like the above, and on the 19th October it looked like this, as Gillian completed what Mary had left unfinished:

Now only the threads and edges need to be tidyied up and the backing needs to be mounted. Watch this space!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday evening gathering in the bothy

Hi, Lynsey here with my first ever blog! Woohoo! I just wanted to say a wee bit about last Thursday evening at Galgael, I have pics which I will add soon and you will see for yourself but the work happening in the bothy was amazing. Ali and myself were the two main maembers of woolcraft who were in ans as they were showing the freestate film we hadn't really planned to do any woolcraft, but a couple of people asked and by the time dinner was served there were about ten people sitting and standing in our wee bothy doing card weaving and making gods eyes! It was really cool! I taught three girls how to weave and then they passed the skills on to others and so on and they all kept coming back to me for help and thanking me! It was sooo lovely, there were moments of complete silence and tranquility and moments of sweet laughter and I felt all proud and warm inside!!!
7 October 2010 20:46