Friday, 21 March 2008

wool craft log 21-3-08

Spring Equinox and Good Friday today
and Flora wrote

Hello all,

A very belated note of what we did at the Woolcraft group last Friday. Verene, Laryna and I were there and we worked on preparing the two Hebridean fleeces – sewing the gaps etc. Verene had to go home to get some sewing needles and I had not brought my needle felting bits and pieces so we thought perhaps we need to get some equipment which can be left in the bothy?

We had a lovely lunch with lots of children around, including Helen’s wee baby, and some music and song.

All the best


And I hear there was also Heather there.

Plus there was re-dedicating of values via cards Gehan had made with values written on them, whch people could pick, either as pot luck, or by carefully choosing them: respect, loyalty, were just two of many.

It was a very special Galgael day... I was very sorry to have had to miss it.


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