Friday, 29 February 2008

wool and paint craft week ending 29/2/08

This week has been different from the ones so far, in as much that we didn't have our usual Friday group, as Anna, Flora, Heather and Verene could not make it this week, and as Anneruth and Laryna were very busy with the start of the Bellahouston Nursery project and meetings.

On Wednesday Laryna and Anneruth went to the nursery to introduce the teachers to the art of wet in wet painting, as they had requested 4 sessions of that, to benefit from Laryna's input as art therapist, and inspired by her paintings.

On Thursday then Laryna did the wet in wet painting with the children, letting light and dark meet and create green.

Maybe Laryna will tell you more about it soon ! Meanwhile - let the pictures speak at

On the Thursday later then at Galgael we finally finishied the Iona Hebridean Fleece rug #2, the one for Gehan's home. Very aptly therefore for Iona and Tawny to finish it off very professionally:

Now this beauty shall grace the fireplace side at the Macleods, and we shall see what the wear and tear of this rug will be. We were quite satisfied with the strength of the felt on the back of the rug, and think it is ready for some rough wear and tear :-)

On Friday Laryna started to make some more peglooms, (prep for the 2 weaving days at the nursery) trying her hands in the wood workshop: sawing the doweling and preparing the hard wood blocks for the pegs. She run out of doweling! Sorry, no pictorial evidence, you will have to take my word for it!

Anneruth was busy with a couple of trainess who would like to help out with the newsbulletin and newsletter. Lets keep fingers crossed they get the hang of it.

Several folks remarked today: where is the wool craft group? Good to be missed!

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