Friday, 15 February 2008

wool craft log 15-2-08

Who was there?
Anneruth, Elizabeth-Laryna, Flora,Heather, Verene

What were the preparations for today?
The Hebridean fleece rugs #2 (almost finished) and #3 (the half size one; also almost finished);
Verene's historic purple hat for finishing it off;
Heather brought one of the hats along she knitted from her spun chunky cochenille wool to show us

What did we do?
Priority fleece rugs: so Flora had go number 2 at rug #3 = stitchig and needle felting, and Verene did the same with #2/ There seems to eb an endless supply of holes appearing ever anew. This is possibly because of rugs being moved and thus bent and strained at the weak spots.
Anneruth sorted the washed Hebridean raw wool into 2 groups: one very soft for wet felting, and one with more rougher wool for needle felting.
Laryna took Verene's hat on: strung the elastic thread trough so it now sits firm on head, and started to felt a flower which can become the ear flap of the hat.

2 new Trainees who were sitting at the table in the front, where we worked today, took keen interesd in what we were doing. They seem to know a little about Highland craft customs - esp as the mother of one was a very crafty person herself. We asked her son to invite her along!
Heather's hat drew keen interest as well, and her weaving on the tapestry.

Later in day, Laryna and Heather went a-dancing again with Tam playing the mandolin and Laryna on the drum (until she used her feet!) under Alan's guidance for cross-sword dancing. Thankfully the swords were blunt!

To see the evidence of it all, please visit

finished works
Flora had finshed the twisted shawl from the Hebridean wool and we think it looks quite elegant, the different ways in which one can drape it round ones head, neck and shoulders. We have not priced it yet, and Flora is trying to get another one done. :-)

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