Friday, 22 February 2008

wool craft log 22-2-08

Who was there?
Anna, Anneruth, Flora, Heather, Laryna

What were the preparations for today?
Anenruth had put the last needle felt bits onto rug #2, and Flora started her 2nd shawl knit

What did we do?
Felted Hebridean rug at last! With 4 and then later 5 folks that was great fun in the big workshop! You best view it in full on #2

or you can now also listen and look teeny wee bit:
felting the 2nd Hebridean fleece at Galgael and more hands on felting the fleece

......... maybe someone of the other members would like to describe exactly how we did the felting?
You can do that in the comments section below, or if you have co-author access to this blog you could replace this paragraph with your description? :-)

The now rose scented fleece got then washed by Heather and Anneruth in the bathtub upstairs and left there, in the bathroom, to drip clear over the weekend.

In the afternoon Heather and Anneruth looked through the surprise find of lots of sacks of raw wool in the sail loft. Tam had tidied up there and found them where the big loom is laying wating ot be assembled again, once the sail loft has been done up (we can't wait, by the way, as the bothy is getting now too small really for the woolly things and folks!). There is Shetland fleece up there, seems washed, and we dont know where it is from. One sack with Blackface needs washing urgently, and has may be moths; we put it separately. the other sacks seem clear.

In the morning we also had a good long chat with one of the trainers on possible ways for getting wool craft modules acredited on a national level. We will have now a good look at some ScotVec modules from the 90s, such as 'intro to weaving', and 'mechanical loom related weaving', and see what could be adapted to serve as a step towards the ultimate goal: Galgael own certificates in various craft, nationally accredited.

The day and week at Galgael ended with dance again, this time the 'sword-cross' was of wool, and the music was in the feet and inner ears only! have a wee peep in...

work to prepare:
Anneruth to spin some more wool from the Hebridean wool for Flora to knit on the second neck wrap: it needs more grey hiighlights in the wool and Anneruth took some wool from upstairs for that in the hope it will work.
Laryna to prepare her input in the Bellahouston nursery as of next week (see separate entry on that job to be done :-) :-)

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