Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Moon dance wools and wool fish encounters

On the way to visit a friend in the borders, I encountered two enchanting wool craft places in the rural fields near Coldingham.

I have posted on the story in pictures and text captions.

One can also see more on Marjorie’s website I very much like what she says about the therapeutic impact such a setting has: fields with all kinds of sheep on it, lively collies, a cosy hut with lots of spinning wheels and looms, some of which one can take out onto the veranda or the grass, wool from the flock in front of your eyes, and lots of other wools and finished craft items of all sorts. And above all, always a warm smile at hand, together with an experienced hand and enthusiastic heart.

I found it so inspiring to meet such ‘crafty’ people and places, and could imagine us taking an outing to this place one day – maybe when the sheep get clipped in June? I also hope that Marjorie, who just had a family bereavement (peace be with her and all!), will be able to come and visit the Galgael one day.

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