Friday, 8 February 2008

wool craft log 8-02-08

Today we had the biggest ever action day!

Who was there?
Anna, Anneruth, Elizabeth, Flora, Fiona, Hazel, Heather, Verene, - and even Issy swept us away once or twice;
oh, and not to forget: Laura popped in with all four of her boys.

What were the preparations for today?
Anna brought her weaving frame
Issy the fleece Verene washed
Flora her full rug making gear to show Fiona the art
Hazel a newspaper clip which announced Liz Brown having a Nomadic feltcraft exhibition this weekend in Glasgow
Heather her blue wool shades (one blend called 'ocean breeze')

What did we do?
Welcome Larina and banter about the past (Anneuth's and her's in Bingenheim webschule) and introduce her to the various stories and resources. She dug in deeply with the dramatic moving the rug warp round the frame and experimenting with Anna weaving the rug from the raw woool batts (how one earth can one get the rows all even all the way!). Then Laryna sotetd the inkle loom, and that was her setting it up and weaving, and doing more crafty remembering.

Anneruth and Verene supplied Anna with the rug wool (teasing and carding it).
Flora taught Fiona how to make rag rugs, and then she had a closer look at the html settings of this blog, when Anneruth showed the present uploads to all, esp the pics from the outing she had this week to Moon dance. (see other blog entry below)
Heather dug into the weaving of the Clyde: yeah! , And Hazel soaked in the athmosphere!
And Anneuth did some more needle-punch felting on rug #2 (which seems to grow holes, maybe because Iain Bogle keeps pulling the fleeces out to show off to customers ?!)
The day ended with an early b'day cake for Anneruth, and a wee jig (nothing to do with the b'day!)
To see the evidence of it all, please visit

Other things occuring:
see above -> check them pics :-)

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