Friday, 18 July 2008

countdown to Riverfest

Thursday the 17th
was spent by Anneruth and Hazel with making up a flyer, writing labels, and making a few small felt-ball bracelets. Galgael istelf was bursting in the seems with action but still there was Eugene, a Galgael volunteer, who was free for an hour to help with beaming up (= putting the warp) on the big frame, another 50cm width, with every second pair of dents strung. Lynsey came in, too, and prepared more wool for the next rug, learning also how to card on the drumcarder, as well finishing off the little woven bag. Anneruth's job was then to finish spinning, plying and washing the brown Jacob-Shetland cross knitting wool, as well as plying the red wool for her weaving demo on the rigid heddle loom.

Friday 18 th, - the day of emptying the workshop and setting up a woolcraft residency in Riverfest Marquee:
A flurry of activities - balancing things across wood work packages ready to go, as well as puppies tied to a moving bench and trying to get to a working PC and printer to finish off the flyer- who was there from the woolcrafters anyway? Well, Flora, Anna, Anneruth, Laryna, Lynsey, Hazel. Hard to remember now who did what. May be it suffices to say that inspite of the rain and the marquee not being ready as planned by midafternoon, we managed, with an extra evening shift to set up residency almost complete by 8pm. It was incredible how many baskets and things great and small came together, for our sale, displays, demos, and kids activties,.... and that we got 3 tables after all, in what turned out to be a very cramped full marquee again.

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