Friday, 15 August 2008

woolcraft log week ending 15 August

Anneruth made a sun, moon and stars wall-hanging mobile style: sculptured felt and plantdyed wool. The stars, flat felt and cut, birch leaves and silk; moon with birch leaves and sun with onion skin dyed wool. Presently it hangs at the Portal and serves as a demonstration to the feltmaking project folks there. This week they were 3 folks there further intrigued with the craft: 2 did sculptural felting with Anneruth, and one did a wet felt picture under the 4 element theme. The class this week there also included the brainstorming session for the planned wall hanging on the theme of 'wholeness'.

On Wednesdays also: Learning a Gaelic spinning song with Norman Maclean continues at Galgael. You can watch a teeny weeny glimpse of him on our spot on youtube:

On Thursday Eileen made another attempt on planning a weaving on the frameloom, but then decided that wool craft was not necessarily something she wanted to learn. She had very much enjoyed the Galgael company and we hers, so we shall miss her very much. Good luck, Eileen, to you finding a good job really soon (touch wood!), and come and visit us again sometime soon, too :-)

Anneruth made another attempt in tidying up the bothy again, but there is just too much stuff now for the small place, and the real tidy up thing has to wait till Marie, Rab and Alan will have made the shelves for Martin's desk and our one spare wall, and may be even painted the place up a bit.

On Friday Laryna sorted and plied more of the handspun wool (the various practise balls). Anna picked up the knitting needles again, and finds she can still knit and is now looking for nice coloured wool to try her hands on a baby blanket. Lynsay made more progress on her fine weaving project, too.

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