Saturday, 10 January 2009

Midwinter times

Singing Carols at the Galgael solstice celebration by candlelight, and dancing with old and new friends...
for more pictures click here....

Midwinter times are quiet and cosy times, esp when we met at Verene's whilst Galgael was shut over the New Years' time. By candle light with punch and food, four of us carded, spun, knitted and made a warp. And the warp was for the baby blanket for Anna's baby, to be woven by Anneruth

Anna is here carding the alpaca wool herself, which is from Breeze in Ford (you can admire her here) .

Once Galgael opened again Ali and Sarah-Jane had an actual first in winding wool, namely the alpaca (spun and washed by Anneruth) from a skein into balls. Gosh, don't you remember doing that with your Gran?!

And Verene also had a first: namely plying and skeining her very first skein of wool at last!

You can still see her playing it above (in the back of picture, behind the loom not warped up for the blanket), and you see it here in full glory.

Melissa came to sit with us to do some knitting, and inspired Ali to rediscover her knitting skills. She also sported Anneruth's felted hat which suited her splendidly!

You can see it all and more for yourself if you go to our midwinter folder here.
Such as Sarah-Jane starting with needle felting her puppets hands, and the tapestry loom at the Coachhosue trust... well but that is for the next blog: January/February, really ...

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