Thursday, 5 March 2009


Well, the biggest event surely this month was the birth of Isobel Lucie on Sunday the 8th of February. It happened quietly, and blissfull new mum Anna is still keeping very quiet, but she and sleeping beauty are well and send this photo. Can you see the edge of the Shetlandwool blanket Anna knitted in midwinter? And below you can see the Alpaca blanket Anneruth spun, wove, sewn and felted ready now too for Isobel's pram in spring. The needlefelted Alpaca is onion skin dyed and is truly lumionous in colour sheen: what a miracle Alpaca is! Thank you Breeze (that is the baby alpaca whom you can meet here too)

Babies and mothers was the theme of that week: Here is Alison making a fairy for her soon to be born nieceAnd here is Samantha and son trying out needle felting for the first time.

Helen has been asked again to provide input into the local nursery at Bellahouston, and she is doing it all by herself this time. Good on you, woman! You were the young mother last February, weren't you?! (we must get a new picture of them!)

Otherwise this month was mainly taken up with forward planning of our big baby: the woolcraft at Galgael group. We have tried our luck in putting a funding application through so that we can build a more solid base for proper outreach in the future. There is just not enough space and time, but the demand is clearly there, and it is so good to be a vibrant part of a vibrant Galgael, and to now be even part of the big Operational Plan.
We have started to take part a little in the Thursday evening drop-in sessions, which got kicked into action also partly because of our pesterpower. See more about them here.
However, the space we would need is not quite available on the Thursdays either... so we are still looking, and also thinking of making use of our local members homes and gardens :-)
Meanwhile, another big baby of the month:
The upright tapestry has been given space at Galgael! Hurray!
It seems that everybody wants a shot at making rugs of the tartan offcuts from the Isle o Lewis - but right now when to camera was ready to shoot - it stood just proudly waiting next to the other big loom in the foyer now:

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