Friday, 12 February 2010

what a lovely heart warming event: our Imbolc Coffee morning

Verene said:
Our coffee morning was a very special event in the history of the Woolcraft group at GalGael. Four new people were introduced to the magic of felting but it’s the warmth of our hospitality – many of us baked cakes or sweets –, the sacredness of our small candle lightening ceremony and the care with which we collectively prepared the event that moved me most. That morning we truly embodied the spirit of GalGael by creating beauty & friendship as well as giving everyone an opportunity to work with their hands & learn a new skill. 

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  1. Thank you, Verene! Yes, it was also for me, who can't make it to Glasgow and Galgael that often anymore, a deeply and truly moving event. The way how everybody worked together so gracefully and freely flowing (such as with delays when the foyer was still being full with NL trainees waiting for the bus!), and the way how everybody helped everyone to share their gifts of skills and soul - I felt so proud of you all! May there be many more such beautiful events celebrating festivals, art & craft, and womanhood in both traditional and news ways!

  2. Thank you for welcoming me to this beautiful gathering, for sharing your skills, kindness and generosity. I hope to become a part of Galgael family, and even harbor an ambition to become an excellent spinner one day... :-)

  3. Laryna said:
    Thanks Verene and Anneruth, to put it in such lovely words! I really felt the spirit of our wool craft group and the place: GalGael!
    Let's continue to celebrate and doing wool craft, inviting everybody who would like to join in. We really need a bigger space for our wool craft group! :-))))

  4. HI Maria, sooo lovely to see you! :-) Hope to see you regularily back soon. Laryna is planning now spinning and weaving classes proper, so it's all yours!
    Your woolcraft@galgael family

  5. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality at this celebration of Imbolc and for sharing your skills in woolcraft. There is a real feeling of community spirit and regeneration here at Galgael. Very heartwarming!