Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sail 'n Oar and mega Galgael Galore

What else is life about than being on a boat on the Ocean of Life?
Seeing land, and holding an oar in hand and knowing all landing there is but a passing moment on our journey towards becoming what we are embedded in: the Ocean of Life.

Yes, it might seem like much strife, building the boat and weaving the sail ..... ah - do you know how much work all that is!?! If not, you have not really lived, and you have not really danced! ;-) ;-) :-)
But somehow you might just know what it feels like to go to sleep in a rocking open boat with nothing but the stars above you head and the bare boards for your cradling bed..? Breathe deep and go to sleep ....... breathe deep and awaken anew, and see the new morning view....

The above depicted boat, the ocean faring curragh Columcille sailed smoothly across from Ballycastle (NI) to Millport in 3 days this week and back... and the weather was at ease for her and her crew...

Well, here you are, Woolcraft at Galgael, embedded in this other boat and its nets, the Galgael Clan. Were art and part of calling the Celtic boats to shore for 3 wonderful days and wild nights...! I hope everyone's weary heads are now all resting on some soft shipskins, and the winds are kind to your boats embedded afloat in the Ocean of Life, and that the threads of destiny you spin in the great web of life will be doing us all proud.

click here to see the video

"Wee Glimpses of Dorna on Saturday 14th August"

I certainly was proud being a tiny part of this great and mad Galgael web of waves on the Ocean of Life, a Galgael web that spans many a land on this and the other sides of that Ocean of Life. This event certainly was sending many a ripples all round.
And the locals loved it, too, and wonder whether you come back next year :-)!
Maybe then I will stay all weekend, because it was a shame on Saturday to have to go back to the East when West was Best in the lap of the Sun!

For more pics of the Saturday, go and see and read more here.

More video will be uploaded soon on both the Urban Clansman and the Woolcraft at Galgael Youtube channels.
And, with a bit of luck, full footage of this mammoth event will be found via Galgael blogs etc.

You are dancers, ye Galgaelians all, on the Ocean of Life for a sounder touch....

Especially of course when Albannach gives the beat!

Best wishes to you all from the East Coast!

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  1. It was a phantastic weekend with the GalGael clan! So much joy, dancing and laughter and less sleep ;-)...and so many happy people!!!!
    Big thanks to you, Anneruth for the wonderful pictures and videos!Woolcraft member, Laryna