Wednesday, 15 September 2010

One-Day Felt Making Workshop in Penicuik House on Fri, 3rd of Sept.2010

Two fibre craft workshops were held in the beautiful surroundings of Penicuik House
, on the 3rd and 4th of September 2010 as part of "Making Space" and the Penicuik Art Festival.

Anneruth from Penicuik and I, Laryna from Glasgow were offering a one-day workshop for beginners and advanced in the wonderful technique of wool felting.

There were 8 participants doing various projects with natural coloured and dyed sheep's wool in needle felting with a special needle and wet felting with warm soapy water and friction. Before we started with the felting, we were exploring different fibres from plants and animals. Amazing how different fibres can be! We explored the varieties in colour, fineness, fibre length and strength, in softness, in lustre and elasticity. We then used sheep wool, which is the only fibre with the amazing ability to felt that means it shrinks from a fluffy bunch of fibres to a lose, or even strong fabric. Some participants started with needle felting, using a special needle. Others started with layering wool for wet felting a picture, beads, flowers, a soft fabric for making a brooch, smaller and bigger bags and even more. It was a busy and creative atmosphere! So interesting to look around and see the many different projects, colour shades and patterns!

The room, we were working in was really looking like a craft workshop. The felted and other woolly products on the wall and in the display made it even more looking as if we have always been here, doing crafts.
The day was warm and sunny and we were enjoying a lovely lunch break sitting outside.

Afterwards the felting went on with starting another project, or finishing a picture or handbag. Besides fun and creativity there was sometimes quite hard work involved: When it came to the rolling of the felt, using a bamboo blind to make the felt even stronger and tighter, muzzle strength was needed!.
After a great and enjoyable creative day, the participants left, proud and happy with their beautiful handmade felted products.

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