Sunday, 11 November 2012

Giant Shetland wool beret, felted for a beret fan in New Zealand

When I came back from this years boat festival on the Isle of Cumbrae, where I went with the GalGael clan, I found an email from new Zealand in my inbox: Mister Daan Kolthoff, a beret lover, had discovered the giant Shetland wool  beret on my blog. I had felted this beret about two years ago and Ian is the proud owner of it. 

On the Birlinn
Here the giant beret number 1
I now was asked to felt another giant beret for Daan, who collects and sells berets from all over the world.  He is also a writer, and it is very enjoyable to read the posts in his blog. 
So, here is the link and what he wrote about the beret and a couple of photos with him wearing the beret, which I have felted for his collection: 

That's how the giant Shetland wool beret looks on me
I hope to get more of this natural moorit Shetland wool to make more berets in different sizes, in this lovely colour shade. Anybody interested to learn how to felt a beret, please contact me. I facilitate felt workshops in and around Glasgow.  Hope, we soon can run wet felt workshops in GalGael again. It's only a question of an appropriate work space for wet felting at the moment.

There is more to learn about wool craft like natural dyeing, spinning, 

weaving, wet- and dry felting and more. 
Please feel free to come along to Galgael on a Thursday night 
from 5.30pm or send an email and 
let us know in what you are interested: 


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