Friday, 25 April 2008

wool craft log 25-4-08

Today were gathered: Anna, Flora, Laryna and Verene, and.......... from........... Laryna had brought her along from her German Stammtisch, and it turns out that Flora knows her, too, from the weaver's guild.

Anna finished her pegloom rug piece. We must weigh it next to see how much wool it has swallowed. Laryna suggests to make another one and then stitch them together and then have a seat cushion.

Laryna made such a one out of two pieces of the nursery rainbow wovens, and also a ......... from another piece

Verene felted an ear piece for her purple hat, and Flora and ...... had lots to catch up on whilst teasing the Jacobs fleece for carding.

Earlier this week Laryna progressed with making a gnom (based on the Magic Wool book), and here is the first stage of it:

It is still undergoing some 'surgery', plus getting dressed with boots and hat (picture to follow as soon as).
These little things are made with pipe cleaners, and demand some skills, but would be ideal to be learned by mothers who would like to give their children some handmade 'dolls'.

If you would like to keep updated or catch up with people and projects of woolcrafty @ galgael, there are now a number of themed photoalbums online:
Captions are still needing to be written.

Other albums, such a "woolcraft processes", "work from our members and guests", "Galgael and other events", are gradually being developed - as one picture is worth hundred words!

You can leave comments there, too (under each picture are such options). As well as here on the Blog.

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