Friday, 11 April 2008

wool craft log 11-4-08

Anna, Anneruth, Jackie and Emma today

Jackie came today for first time with her daughter Emma (being school holidays). Both are quite versed already in wool and needle craft. Emma had brought her colour full embroidery along to needle away,

whilst Jackie first watched Anna weaving with raw fleece.

Jackie then had a go at the rug weaving at the big frame: starting to learn how to pull just the right amount of wool through the shed,

and she used up the carded wool in no time! So we had to start to tease the other Blackface wool Laryna had washed the other day with Sara.

It also became time to adjust the warp again, which involved Dave from the workshop as man and tool power. He made us a spanner to fit the wingless nuts and bolts we need to loosen to lower the upper beam of the weaving frame, so that we can pull the woven piece round the frame.

Yes indeed: the different processes involved in weaving a plain rug like this is not as plain as it looks, and especially not fast. :-) But it is fun and makes one appreciate a piece so much more.

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