Thursday, 30 April 2009

April showers

Where on Earth has April gone!? Into the soup on Thursday evenings...? (see above, the Beltane eve one!)

Like an April shower itself this month went past fast, but we managed to capture a few images on the first half of the album

Lynsey was exceptionally busy getting into the swing of looking after our new funds, a very small grant from Glasgow City Council to help us get our long talked about 'The Unbroken Thread", as well as stocking up on her craft item display for her and our all workshops to be: felting, weaving and so on. Isn't the felted broch she made great?

On Thursday evenings Gabi is joining us now regularily to explore felting, and here is her very first 'getting to know' needlefelting on a little felt square. It is very lovely to have her around, and also her young son Paul who just loves being at Galgael.

Laryna has finihsed fulling the moorit Shetland berret, whilst Anneruth is experimenting with decorating it with buzzard feathers felted into onion skin dyed shining Alpaca. That is if Laryna get the hat back from Ian who very much wants it as his 100+1 hat!

In any case she decided she better makes a new and bigger one to suit the demand of our big heads at the head of the Clan who don't have 100 hats yet, such as Alan Torrance. Ursula wanted to see how it is done:

But where is that masterpiece now? Before even the tassel got put on, its proud and eager new owner took it for a journey to some remote forgotten Western island and promptly forgotten it there, headless now hatless head he! He says he will get it back - it is safe ... he claims...! (we'll keep you posted!)

Ali is preparing for a special journey, a vision quest, and is making her own drum. Impressive! Here is the start: the base round which the wood of the frame will be pulled.

Hazel came by again, and tried her hands on making huge knitting needles to knit rag rugs, as well as little weaving frame for Lynsey's workshops. See more about this everything else in the first part of our album here.

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