Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Merry Month May rolled past and Jolly June is already here!

So much has happened this merry month of May! Where to start? Plus: it is June by now.... and all that talk about getting a new blog had held us back from updating this one here. Sorry folks!
Jenny, a superb knitter, came to share her skills and to learn spinning....

......and, being a natural: here is the result of her first hour :-)

And where did that wool come from? From this Zwartbless ewe near Peebles:

it is a most amazing amount of heavy wool that comes off one of these rare breeds!

Verene has finished knitting her bag - and now it is time for these final finishing touches!

She also finished the warp on the small school weaving-frame - and has made quite some progress in exploring colour and yarn combinations, including her own drop spindle spun white longwool. This could become now a mobile phone bag?

Ursula,Lynsey and Anneruth had a shopping trip to Fife (yes, to Twist Fibre craft) to spent some of the grant money for more resources and to sit in the Pillars of Hercules to finalise the woolcraft flyer:

Gabi had a shot at last at wetfelting and was breathless at how much muscle power it was needed to firm up her spring-into-summer piece!

Whilst Lynsey has now just to stitch up her canvas bag with her needlefelted design: the goddess motive found by Louis.

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