Friday, 3 July 2009

Visiting Inspirational Places

Wouldn't it be sooo lovely to have a place like this on the land!

Summer is time for travelling and fayres. As none of us was able this year to go the Woolfest, and as Laryna wanted more moorit Shetland fleece for felting these sought after brown berets, and as Ursula wanted to see what a proper loom looks like, so Anneruth and Laryna went East to visit Moondance Wools again. Sadly Ursula was held up last minute, but we made lots of detailed pictures of all parts of a loom for her and others to have a good look. See for yourself on, and see Maggie's wool-wonder-magical place amidst the fields full of grazing sheep and sheepdogs with puppies and all that - not to forget on a foggy day like that day in early June: the kettle on the stove!

Further down the road at Woolfish, a unique and ever so tempting woolshop in St Abbs, see, - Laryna got roped in to fix their newly acquired antique spinning wheel.

Anneruth earlier on in Edinburgh got very inspired by the many little magical felt-craft things for kids in the Mulberry Bush, a shop run by Garvald Edinburgh. Have a look
- and I am sure you will think too: Wool simply is magic!

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