Monday, 17 August 2009

Full Clan Action: Portsoy, Riverfest, Hunters Quay

The video above lets you see not only the woolcrafters but the whole of the Galgael Clan in action at the Riverfest this year, plus some more of community action in Govan, such as Radio Govan. If the link above did not work -> click here is a video should give you a wee glimpse of some of all the above or go directly to Hammy's video:

This year the Glasgow Riverfest saw again the usual or unusual sight of the Galgael Clan in full gear here at the banks of the Clyde. This year it was a particular fabulous time for the woolcraft group, great for team growth, for interaction with the public, teaching and demonstrating woolcraft (you will here about it all from Laryna soon!), and for attracting the precious gift of a spinning wheel. Plus we had Sgioba Luaidh doing the waulking song here, too!

Caught you, Alison! (Alison teaching spinning at the Riverfest)

By the way, if you are interested to hear and see more the Galgael Clan, why they are in Govan, and so on - have a browse through the media files here . If you like, also check for more pictures on and for videos on and as well as

Earlier in June: The sun was shining for the whole of the Galgael Clan gang going up to the Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy. Lynsey, Sarah-Jane, and Naomi with Emma were representing the wool craft part of the clan,

and can be seen here amongst the larger picture of action:

To be able to have the seawind and sun blow and shine through you is such a gift!

Later, in August, the Clan went to an event at Hunters Quay, Dunoon, and you can see some it here: engaging with lots of public, too...:

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