Monday, 5 May 2008

gleaned events from the east

Here are 2 things worth a mention from the east of Scotland, at the flanks of the Pentland hills, which Anneruth chanced upon:

A lamb is born

First of all, at one April Sunday, on the 28th, to be precise, when those who know about it celebrate Celtic Easter [.. and boy was it so much more of an Easter feel that day, compared with the winter feel of the roamn Easter, end of March !], Anneruth went to see the Easter sun rise from Castle Law (an old ford on the Pentland hills). The air was gentle and so was the breeze. There were sheep on the field, grazing in the morning dew. But low and behold, what was that between fence and wall in a very tight spot? A ewe in labour! Anneruth had to pluck all her courage to urge the writhing sheep between the posts and the stones long to where the wall was broken. There the ewe finally could lie down in the field and give birth... to an Easter lamb all right.. It was very shakey on its wee legs, and when Anneruth came back later with the camera, the farmer had already marked it - and it was laying still with her mum pawing the ground...

A felting exhibition

Last weekend Anneruth chanced upon an exhibition of felt-craft works in the Penicuik library.
see pictures via link below:
It was really inspiring to see such big and varied in technique and style tapestry pieces and other pieces, and to see that it was funded through arts in health.
This is the website of the centre. Would be interesting to hear more about the project: who done it with whom and how...

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