Friday, 30 May 2008

woolcraft log 30-5-08

Who came along today?
Anna, Flora, Mary, Ruth, Sarah,

Anna started to weave the second part of her pegloom cushion, now perfecting the rolling-folding method via a chin clasp Laryna had shown her.

Flora and Mary brushed the fire side fleece rug we felted last week, and it hangs now displayed over the stylish wooden bench in the foyer waiting for customers! So far it only attracted admiration, though.

Sarah started to knit another gauge with handspun wool and has a good look at the books with knitting patterns Ruth brought along, and made some photocopies for potential projects (simple pieces for baby wear and blankets). She plans now to buy some wool, as knitting with the precious handspun wool proves too expensive for a first project (apart from the fact that there is not that much choice of colours so far).

Ruth, Flora and Sarah washed a couple quite messy (full of grass and thorns) Blackface fleeces from Gravir (Lewis) to possibly felt as whole pieces. Sarah's first experience of washing and handling raw fleece, she took to it with flying colours, learning the gentle but firm touch too.

Towards the end of the day, when Issy came in to have a look at the patterns and knit a bit of the swatch for the single thread with the Jacobs chunky wool - and when Ruth tried to learn one of the Spinning songs, a bunch of people came through the bothy who had been practising their filming skills by filming Galgael today (help! not another one of them!), and wanted to film Ruth singing (even more HELP!) and telling about the Hebridean Sheep. Issy then let herself be persuaded to demonstrate plying on the spinning wheel, but Ruth made a good old mess of setting up the wheel and it took ages - all the while being filmed and hating every second of it! - before Issy finnally got her chance, yet another one I should say, as the movie star she deserves to be.

Remember: there are more photos here.

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