Friday, 23 May 2008

woolcraft log 23-5-08

Today came Anna, Anneruth, Flora, Laryna, Mary, Ruth, Sarah, Verene

Part of the team got on with wet felting the next Hebridean fire side rug. This time we did not prefelt the part-patches (thin places in the fleece) first, but went straight into putting soap over the whole fleece, and then rolled it up into 2 windowblinds (thanks Anna, for bringing your window blind along!) for the 'The fulling with the feet' part of the action.

Young Shaun had a look at how a fleece rug looks after it has been through the mill so to speak!
Here he finds that the half size one is just right for a good beard. :-)

We were also looking at some beaded jewelry Verene had made and plan ahead to explore felted jewellry next time ;-)

Mary had a go of trying out our Kromsky spinning wheel - and she got it to work for her!

As there was lots of white wool left from the event last week, and as the wool was a different white than the first rug on the big frame, Laryna started a new raw fleece rug with her well proven method of preparing the strips of wool from the batt. To her great surprise she really enjoyed weaving on the frame, as previously she had thought she would find it boring as she is used to the big foot pedal loom to do the fleece rugs in Germany.
The new rug is thinner in texture now than the one Anneruth started. It is good to have different types of rugs to show.

(see more picture of today's action as part of the May photoalbum)

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