Friday, 6 June 2008

Rock around the croft

Tonight, as always on the first Saturday in June, was the famous auld Govan Fair.
Read about its history here,
and bear in mind hence the great responsibility now resting on our, the weavers, shoulders! Or should we rather say the many threads we hold in our fingers?

This year Galgael won the first prize yet again with their "Rock around the Croft" float. A must to watch on youtube now!

Watch out for the rocking horse mascarading as a Blackface sheep (with Hebridean wool as his head!) - see it close up here with Laryna and watch out for it being rocked with Martin as his rider in the float when you watch above youtube broadcast of the "Rock around the Croft" float :-)

And also watch out for Marie rock'n'rolling spinning on the spinning wheel we got given last year from the Hebridean Sheep Society at the Woolfest!

Whilst everyone of the Galgael family got ready for the float

Hazel (who by the way knitted these Elvis Presley bonnets you see on Ian's and someone else's head on the float), plied the fine thread she spun last year and will knit some sheep from it...

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