Sunday, 22 June 2008

woolcraft log 22-6-08

Today we were:
Flora, Naomi, Laryna, Mary, Anneruth and Verene

Remember the Hebridean felt-piece as base for the Barmaddy comments book cover?
It is now been needlefelted upon:

and we were brainstorming as to how it best can be fastened upon the book and still stay the rough and ready look that has been requested. Mary showed us a beautiful way of making a spiralling cord (using various warping threads) on a piece of cardboard:

or it would look prettier than simply elastics?

Flora finished off the double knotting of the little sunrise wallhanging (and now Anneruth needs to find a nice stick for the hanging), and then joined Laryna and Naomi with the neverending teasing and carding of white washed wool for the rug weaving.

Verene and Anneruth went into the wood workshop to make some 'cross sticks' for warping of one of the little school weaving frames, and then Laryna and Anneruth set up the loom with a 2m woollen warp (50 threads width to ca 20cm).

This little weaving project should provide opportunites for folks to weave little purses with different wools (such as the ones we got given from the woollen mills as well as our handspun), which could also be wet-felted later and/or needlefelted upon.

(remember: more pics in the June Album)

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