Friday, 6 June 2008

woolcraft log 6-6-08

Who came today?
Anna, Laryna, Olivia, Ruth, Samantha, Sarah, Sarah-Jane,

Sarah-Jane seems to have had the final breakthrough and can now spin the most beautiful thread as well as sing (that was most beautifully anyway!! )
Watch it live right here:

Olivia (her friend and fellow art student) who had come along too today got stuck into wet-felting the basis for the book cover for the Barmaddy Comments Book. We started from scratch, teasing and carding the Hebridean wool,

then layering it on a piece of prefelt, pre-fulling and the fully roll-fulling it in the workshop later.
You can see here pops having a good time with yet another beautiful girl of the woolcrafters' Friday morning at Galgael.

For the bookcover the next step is to make an apt needle felted decoration. Sadly Olviia will be on vacancy in the US when the piece she felted is dry. But she vowed to have a go at a needlefelt piece when she gets back in autumn.

Shaun's partner Samantha joined us today and - as a real Govanite women should - took to weaving! And not only was she satisfied to learn the plain principle of weaving on the rug-practise strip on the big frame, but she also wanted to experiement with in-laid patterns, and here is the first of her two hearts: the blue one.

And taking about blue: here is Sarah knitting blue after at last finding a shop with wool (can you imagine: superstore Lewis let her down!)

Meanwhile Anna finished weaving her second patch for the seating cushion. Now, apart from sewing it together, the challenge is how to use it as a seating cushion without getting the white Blackface-wool kemp onto one's clothes ! Sarah made a couple of good suggestions... more about them when we try them out....

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