Friday, 27 June 2008

woolcraft log 27-6-08

Who was here today?
Anna, Anneruth, Eileen, Laryna, Naomi, Sarah, Verene. Later in the afternoon also Hazel come along again.

Today we welcomed Eileen from Paisley, who got started with wool fibre handling and carding.

Naomi had a new idea for the strap for the book cover: crocheted! And it worked! Elastic and firm with double woolen mill yarn:

Sarah came with one or two dozen blue knitted squares and Naomi showed her how to cast off.

Anna came with her two joined-up pegloom weavings as planned: shrunk and slightly felted in the wash, as planned. She was so pleased with it she wants to buy it - once Laryna has shown her how to put tassels on - which was another finishing off project for today.

Whilst Naomi did the strap crocheting Verene explored and demonstrated how to make the felt balls Naomi wanted to make since she joined up with us in the PI event.
Laryna progressed further on the rug, which now got pulled round the frame again, and looks like aiming for over a meter soon.

Anneruth brought 3 new Blackface yearling fleeces, freshly clipped at the Pentland farm on Midsummers day. She had gotten 6 fleeces - 3 for Heather in Edinburgh and 3 for herself and Galgael. Last Monday Heather and her had been sorting and 'skirting' them in the sunshine, that means to remove the very dirty bits:

There was no time today to bag the fleeces properly, as a lot of time was taken up by other business, including planning the trip to the Woolfest tomorrow. We very pleased that Eileen wanted to join Verene and Anneruth in this once a year 'outing'. Others would have oiked to come but for various reasons had to sigh and say: 'Next year'..

Hazel came by later in the afternoon, and started to look at crocheting or knitting a hat out of the single chunky Jacob thread, to be ready in time for the River fest.

(remember to check here for more photos)

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