Thursday, 24 January 2008

coming up in-house art and craft events?

Friday 25/1/08

Burns Day:
Heather was asking is anything happening?
he is planning to come through, and is hoping that at least the Glgl might have a do..

Friday 1/2/08
The great Celtic Festival of women power, of craftsmanship, of sailors and smiths, of weavers and midwifes... what are we doing this year?

Do you need to know more about the festival? Do a google search on IMBOLC, OIMELC and BRIDE or BRIDGET (goddes and/or saint)

Please use this facility to discuss via the comment section below
(or email me if you have probs, and I post it here for you)
thank you :-)



    one basic site of info for Imbolc

  2. Friday the 1st had changed due to Galgel in-house training.

    Possibly an Imbolc like even could take place on Friday the 8th. If the wings come one!