Friday, 25 January 2008

wool craft log 25-1-08

Anna wrote:

Today I tried weaving but never did learn how to do a join so gave up and so I twisted a bat onto the stick that goes inbetween the strings. Then I did a bit more pulling wool apart in preparation for carding. Flora brought the hebridean she washed - looking lovely, and started to needlefelt the holes. There was haggis for lunch but I didn't stay for it. One of the trainees came by and was really interested in learning to weave - I told him to come back and we were there Friday mornings. Ian showed us a burns day poem about farting. That's the news!

And Flora replied:

Didn't do a lot more on the fleece after you left Anna (hope you had a lovely lunch with your Mum). Heather arrived in from Edinburgh so it was good to meet her and great craic. She started some spinning then we had the haggis, neeps and tatties and some Burns songs and poetry an a' that!

Lesley Riddoch has some info on Bride

Anneruth replied:

Wow, that’s a great article – good on Leslie! Thank you Flora for drawing our attention to that!

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