Wednesday, 23 January 2008

wool craft log 23-1-08

interim log update from Wednesday

  • Heather from Edinburgh has been in touch with AR. She is better now and would like to join up on some Fridays. Question is how, though. AR usually goes through from Penicuik to Glgl on Thursdays, and if Heather takes the bus there is no way she can be with us by ten. Question: could we sometimes at least have the group later in the day???
  • AR stood Flora up today, having promised to come through from P before Flora visiting the Rural Team Meeting - AR just did not manage. Tummy upset and all - still, not good enough :-( ! Poor Flora!
  • But Flora got her next 2 skeins of spun Hebridean knitting wool (still wet from the washingline) for the shawl :-)

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