Monday, 7 January 2008


Hi there

this is still a test, to see what is involved posting and reading etc on this feature

I already found out that I can't add a picture to my profile

and that the welcome message doesn't show
I do hope that I can delete this post here

and that I can add a picture now
from me at home
as there is where I am just now
and that i from whence I go to the wool crafties @ galgael

this time upload worked
and it went on top of post here

how will it show at end?

meanwhile: did a little more editing with layout and adding features: still, I can not add picture to the side bars

still later on:
have redated the blog, so that this comes first, and you can scroll down to read in sequence in which each post was written. In future, the normal way of posting would be that the most recent would be top of page, of course.
Just for now, the log entry of the first group in January comes at end of this page, but I wrote it last.
Its great that one can do this here, change dates about :-) !
Later, when I change the posts about - this intro test, as well as my picture will come last.

Apropo pictures: having to back-up and reorganise my PC at the moment, I cant find the pictures I want to enter here, but I will add pictures to the log entries, maybe with you helping to choose them?

(gaelic for: 'may it be for the best')


  1. comment to myself:
    have changed template style from 'dots' to 'scribe'(becauee I( liked the marbled goldish background; less busy than the dots)

    not sure...
    still too much space at sides of page wasted (nw in brown frame!) and my style formatting got lost

  2. well, now I have shifted this WELCOME post to the end of the blog, or the beginning, rather.

    Still I would like to find out how to archive them better.