Friday, 11 January 2008

wool craft log 11-1-08

Who was there?
Flora, Verene, Anneruth

What did we do?
finish the 1st Hebridean fleece rug (which Flora had dried out over New Year) with combing out (using hand carders)

Then Davie finally could take it home - and the roll of chickenwire (to build grates for drying washed and dyed wool) is ours :-)

And this is how the first done fleece rug looks next to the second washed (by AR over New Year) one

and this is second fleece close up

lots of gaps!
So we set to work:

stitching and needle felt punching
with lots of good craick
a medium hot curry by Helen :-0;
and the guys milling around our quietly bussy corner in front window

So it was good that the bothy was flooded over New Year (that Ian of all people leaving the boiler on to overflow >:-( !), and that Big Al was around to take pity on the clear up operation today! Cheers mate!).

Flora brought her new project along:
a shawl to be, plain knit, from AR's handspun Hebridean; she ahs to spin more though for it
And also Verene:
a handbag knit from wool bought from Lewis (the shop, not the Isle!). It had kept her happy in the hols and will be making steady progress henceforth. Her historic hat (see report on has shrunk too much in felting and needs some tlc (to be administered by all next week)

Other things:
Flora is interested to maybe join the Galgael Rural Vision team, as these matter are close to her heart!
Flora also looked at the Nursery craft exhibit in the Ibrox Library.
(Report on that project from Feb last year still to be uploaded on group site)

great to be back! Lets build a schedule and plan for new year, in accordance with what we can manage in our lives and with what we need to make things viable (outreach?)

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